Our history!

In the fall of 2014, Engelberg Immobilien GmbH under Managing Director Andreas Delius acquired the entire property from the community of heirs of the Kohl family.

After intensive planning, market research, analyses, discussions and bid comparisons, the renovation and conversion of the hotel wing began in November 2015.

The Hotel am Engelberg Betreiber UG, under the then managing director Andreas Delius, worked almost exclusively with regional craft businesses during the conversion. The energy and food supply of the hotel is also largely carried out by local companies with products mostly from the region.

The opening of the hotel at the Engelberg, one took over quite consciously the traditional and introduced name also for the continuation and marking of the identification with the city Winterbach, took place on 2 April 2016.

On 30.07.2019, the Kunz family took over the hotel company. Managing partner became Stefan Kunz, who already acted as hotel director since the reopening in 2016 and before that decisively designed and was responsible for the conversion and restructuring measures as well as the market launch.

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